Q1. Why is Niseko so popular?  

Niseko’s main appeal to international visitors is the large volume of high quality snow that falls every winter- around 14 meters of the world’s lightest, driest powder snow. Niseko’s relatively mild winter temperatures of around -5oC, the resort’s low altitude and good balance of terrain makes the resort appealing to all levels of skiers and boarders.

Niseko is also growing in popularity in summer for both Japanese and international visitors. Blessed with four distinct seasons including a mild, dry summer averaging 23oC, the resort is an ideal environment in which to enjoy the region’s abundance of outdoor recreational activities including golf, rafting, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and fishing.

Niseko is highly regarded for its pristine air and water quality, and delicious Hokkaido foods and beverages. Niseko’s wide variety and high quality restaurants and cafes are becoming legendary.

Niseko is widely perceived as a convenient destination for Asian visitors, with many direct flights between Sapporo and large Asian population centers including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok. The lack of the jetlag is a considerable bonus to Asian-based visitors. Niseko’s wide range of international standard accommodation sets the resort apart from all Japan’s other regional destinations. The large number of English-speaking businesses makes the experience even easier.

Q2. What lies in Niseko’s future?  

The development of high quality accommodation and commercial spaces looks set to continue into the foreseeable future. The lift system must, by law, replaced in the near futures. There are also a number of infrastructure projects currently underway that will improve access to the region and enhance the quality of visitors’ stays. The bullet train service is due to extend to Niseko by 2030 and a freeway linking Niseko and Sapporo is likely to be completed at around the same time. Sapporo is set to make a bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics and, should it succeed, Niseko is likely to host a number of downhill ski events and snowboard competitions.

Q3. Can foreign nationals purchase property in Japan?  

Yes, foreign nationals can legally purchase real estate in Japan without restriction. Permanent residency status is not required. The transfer of title is straightforward and absolute.

Q4. Does property in Niseko have freehold title?  

Yes, the vast majority of properties available in Niseko have freehold title.

Q5. Is finance to purchase property available to international buyers?  

There is no finance available using Niseko property as security. Most property purchases are in either cash or using offshore property as collateral to secure finance in the purchaser’s resident country.