Century Heights 301 (Year Round)

KUTCHAN | Apartment

JPY 70,000

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 42.05㎡
  • 2001

Time To:

Lifts - Driving - 15 min

Century Hights 301 is a 1 bedroom unit available for year-round rent, situated on a quiet back-street on the East side of town. The apartment is set up to run exclusively on electricity with heating, water heating and the stove top all electronically powered ensuring no toilsome trips to fill up on kerosene in the middle of a cold night.

The unit is currently unfurnished though does include appliances and equipment for heating, water heating, lighting and a cook top. Only available for year-round rent. All utility costs are in addition to the monthly rental rate.

Please click Lease Details for more information, including all costs.

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